Entrepreneurship in the Entertainment Industry: Is It Possible?

Entrepreneurship in the Entertainment Industry: Is It Possible?

Entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry is more common than you think. In today’s day and age, many young entrepreneurs are becoming more well known. These entrepreneurs, better known as content creators, establish a brand of their own. Whether it be creating YouTube videos, designing their own merch, or sharing their fitness/nutrition journeys, these content creators are entrepreneurs of their own. These creators often partner with brands through sponsorship and create a community of their own. 

Some famous content creators who have come out of YouTube are Tyler Oakley, David Dobrik, Hannah Hart, and Connor Franta. Along with just simply posting YouTube videos, these creators have written books, designed their own branded merchandise, released premium coffee, and developed their own beauty brands, according to Tom McGivan. “The global reach of a platform such as YouTube is unprecedented; on average, 80 per cent of YouTube views take place outside the country the video was made. As YouTubers make the most of this opportunity, we see the digital entertainment industry exposing the future of media for the connected generation”.  

Other examples of entrepreneurship in the entertainment industry are film production companies, music festivals, talk-show hosts, talent management, and musical artists. Starting a business or creating a new venture is what makes entrepreneurs so successful. All businesses start with one person and one idea. Ryan Wiik, founder of WR Entertainment, says that entertainment and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. “Today the entertainment industry is the world’s predominant art form. You just need to work your magic!”. Establishing a brand, whether it be a personal brand or a business venture, will start out your entrepreneurial journey. 

When you think of entrepreneurship, the entertainment industry may not come to mind at first. When you start to think about it, many large companies that are well known now were founded by entrepreneurs who decided to expand once they were successful. 



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